Secure environment, budget-friendly, clean room loaded with basic amenities and facilities is all what a traveler or tenant (long or short stay) wants. Understanding this basic needs, #Stay is a community-based online platform for listing and booking fully furnished co-living places. It is quite similar to what hotel aggregators do to hotel inventory, we do the same with co-living inventory with a twist - ‘just more budget friendly and secure’.

#Stay acts as a bridge between co-living owners/operators and travelers/tenants. #Stay is an online platform that facilitates the process of booking private, budget friendly, co-living spaces for security conscious budget travellers. At one end, it enables co-living owners/operators to list their unsold inventory and earn quick money, while on the other side, it provides travellers an easy access to book budget friendly secure space.

With an opportunity of over 1,500,000 co-living operatives in 34,000 cities and 190 countries, the opportunity is immense to be covered enabling solo travellers to book budget friendly, secure living spaces all over the world. Personal profiles as well as rating and reviewing system provide information about the particular co-living spaces and what’s on offer. Vice versa, co-living spaces can choose on their own whom to rent out their space to.


Technology has made our life easier and hunting a suitable #Stay is now just at our finger tips. Say goodbye to unsecure pocket crunching hotels. Instead, sit back, relax and save money and book you Short stays with #Stay.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. Just log on to and choose desired options. Hunt curated properties that offers best community living spaces and you are good to go! Enjoy your trip being pocket-friendly and secure at the same time


With just few taps on your mobile or computer screen, you can get the accommodation that best suits your needs. Hunt from the curated properties listed on our website and stay safe and secure. Happy hunting!

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